BMD (Osteosys)

Bone Densitometry

SONOST - 2000

User Friendly ultrasound

type BMD tester

with no radiation emission


Compact size, the fastest measuring speed among pencil beam types,

a wide range of options

SONOST - 3000

Embedded PC & thermal printer

allows easy, quick, cost saving Ultrasound type with no risk of radiation emmission

EXA - 3000

Simultaneous bone mineral

density measurement and test of

children's growth plate, possible

to measure wrist or ankle


Compact and modern design

Fast scsn time (min. 17sec.),

Swing arm, body composition


Total body DXA bone densitometry

fast scan time (25 sec.)

body composition analysis

"UB(Thailand) is official exclusive

partner of OsteoSys(Korea) in Thailand"

BMD (Bone Mineral Density)
Body Composition Analysis