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Bone Densitometer

Bone Densitometry

    At present, the examination of bone mineral density with X-ray type, DXA is considered a standard examination (Gold Standard) that has been accepted by the WHO
   UB(Thailand) together with OsteoSys provides better BMD products and bring great values to customers based on endless passion, innovation and trust.


SONOST - 3000

Quantitative Ultrasound System (QUS) Bone Densitometer

 Compact and Full function with embedded PC & thermal printer



BeeTLe is the one and only Quantitative Ultrasound System (QUS) Bone Densitometer, with NFC and Bluetooth functions. 

EXA - 3000

EXA-3000 is a Peripheral Dual

X-ray Absorptiometry (pDXA) device with its multi-site diagnosis function

(forearm and calcaneus). 


Compact and Space-saving Central DXA device. Specially designed with an innovative pencil beam DXA technology.


Half body fan beam DXA device, Capable of measuring the BMD(Bone Mineral Density) and analyzing half body composition.

Fastest scan time (min. 17sec.) with Swing arm


Whole body fan beam DXA Device for analyzing the BMD and body composition, skeletal morphology, and Sarcopenia by scanning the whole body or a specific area of the body.

"UB(Thailand) is official exclusive

partner of OsteoSys(Korea)"

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