Surgical (iMedicom)

Spinaut / Medinaut

Spinaut V

Video Guided Epidural Catheter

Approach into epidural space

for spine pain relief

Less muscle injury

Medinaut (KP)

Kyphoplasty with Ballon catheter

Inflatable Bone Expander Syringe, Cement Dispenser System

Medinaut (VP)

Vertebro Plasty

Percutaneous access to bone

and delivery of bone cement

Zaguar / Saw Blade

Accessory (Chuck)

Various adaptor for every brand

Jacobs chuck , Reamer for 

Stryker, linvatec, Synthes, Hudson

Zaguar (Battery)

Dual trigger modular handpiece

Oscilliating saw handpiece

High performance Li-ion Battery

( Pneumatic power drill )

Saw Blade / Bur

Manually operated medical saw

Hub for Stryker, 3M, Linvatec,

Microaire, Aesculpe , De soutter

Sterillized by Gamma ray

Our Saw Blade is compatible with all models of

Striker , Linvatec , Zimmer, A/O Synthes , Microaire ,Sodam , De Soutter , Aesculap , Medicom ETC. 

"UB(Thailand) is official exclusive

 partner of iMedicom(Korea) in Thailand"